When might migraine surgery be necessary?

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If a patient has not responded to traditional medical or infusion treatment, migraine surgery may be necessary. Ask your neurologist about the treatment, they will be able to best advise you of its necessity.

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Who is our patient-focused treatment for?

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Our patient-focused treatment is our standard treatment and is usually attempted first with a good rate of success. This treatment works to prevent migraines by identifying risk factors in the sufferer's life that may be the source of their migraines, and supplements this with medication when appropriate.

How effective is migraine treatment?

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Effectiveness varies from patient to patient depending on their responsiveness to medication, lifestyle and other factors. Seeking treatment is very important for sufferers. Repeated migraines alter an afflicted individual's brain chemistry, and leave the sufferer even more vulnerable to future attacks. Treatment not only helps reset this process, but also dulls or eliminates the patient's [...]

Is there a cure for migraine headaches?

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There is no definitive cure for migraines because they are still not fully understood. Modern migraine treatment either works with a patient to prevent attacks or helps the patient manage the pain. Migraines have a variety of causes and every patient responds to treatments differently. To see the kinds of treatment we offer at the [...]